Wine sector


In recent years, there is a tendency on the global market to move away from the traditional cork closure – this is due to much lower costs of aluminium closures and the frequent occurrence of cork taint in wine. The research conducted indicates that in many countries, more than fifty percent of clients prefer to buy wine with aluminium closures, simply because of easier bottle opening and the avoidance of cork taint. In countries such as Australia, aluminium closures have as much as 80% of the wine market and in New Zealand this share is even greater and amounts to 95%. Our clients can choose from PILFER PROOF and PILFER PROOF PREMIUM closures which can be given the shape and finishing specified individually. Depending on the type of wine, we use Saranex or Tin Saran seals. Our comprehensive product range also allows us to supply suitable wine bottles. Our excellent knowledge of the industry and our clients’ needs have earned us their trust.