Responsibility towards the environment

FOB-Decor has worked towards better environmental protection for quite some time. As our core activity is production, we strive to limit its impact on the natural resources available locally and to protect the health of those residing in the region. We conduct activities in relation to external and internal pro-environmental procedures, which enable us to reduce the negative impact of the enterprise on the environment, year by year. These include:

  • maintaining the technical integrity of machines and equipment
  • continuous modernisation of machinery resources
  • improving product design processes
  • upgrading production procedures and production quality standards
  • effective use of resources
  • reducing waste generation
  • cooperation with a packaging recovery organisation (REKOPOL S.A.)
  • reducing VOC emissions
  • implementation of solutions aimed at reducing electrical energy consumption
  • introduction of electronic document circulation in order to reduce printouts
  • introduction of training sessions to improve the environmental awareness of employees

A tangible example of our commitment to the protection of the natural environment is the expansion of the production plant in Turza, which is carried out in observance of the newest pro-environmental solutions, as well as the purchase of energy-efficient machines for our production lines and a modern fleet of company cars. The policy of Tradepol Group is focused on continuous development which is oriented at environmentally-friendly solutions.