Recruitment process

The recruitment process at FOB-Decor continues throughout the year and is subject to ongoing needs. Our current job offers can be found on websites dedicated to recruitment or on our website under Careers -> Job offers. If you are interested in a particular job offer, send us a cover letter and your CV with a photograph to: 

Depending on the position you are applying to, in addition to an interview, we can also invite you to participate in tests which will verify your professional competencies. We work in an international environment; therefore, the knowledge of a foreign language will be of additional advantage. By attending an interview, you have already been selected! All there is left for you to do is to show that you are the person we should employ! In the course of the recruitment process, the personal data of the candidates are processed in accordance with applicable law.

From the moment we receive your CV, the recruitment process runs as follows:


1. Sending of CV

Our current job offers can be found on websites dedicated to recruitment or on our website under Careers -> Job offers. Once you have selected the offer you are interested in, send us your CV with the attachments specified in the job offer.


2. Analysis of CVs received

At this preliminary stage, we analyse all the CVs received to verify if they comply with the minimum requirements and if all the attachments specified in the job offer have been included. At that point, meetings with selected candidates are arranged.


3. Job interview

After we contact you by telephone, you will be invited to attend a job interview at the Group’s headquarters in Turza. During the interview, we will verify the information provided in the CV, assess your previous professional achievements and check your knowledge of the foreign language if this skill is required for a particular position.

If many candidates have applied for a specific post, or if it is necessary to verify your knowledge and skills in more detail, we will organise another meeting. The additional stages of the recruitment process are dependent on the type of post we are wishing to fill.


4. Making of a decision

After the first or second recruitment interview, a decision is made and the most difficult stage of the recruitment process is held – deciding who is going to join our team. We analyse all the pluses and minuses of every candidate and we summarise all the information collected during the interview.


5. Feedback

Regardless of the fact whether our decision is positive or negative, you will always receive feedback by phone.


6. Welcome to our team!

If the feedback you received contained a positive recruitment decision, you are joining our team!