Employee health and safety

The conditions under which our employees perform their professional duties are vital to us because human health and life should always rank foremost among the assets and interests protected. From the very start, we have been raising the level of employee occupational health and safety inside our production facilities on a year-on-year basis. We are aware of the enormous impact the working environment can have on the level of occupational safety. Therefore, FOB-Decor employs the following solutions in order to continuously raise the OHS standards applicable:

  • education and training of employees in OHS and verification of that knowledge
  • implementation and enforcement of procedures aimed at raising the occupational safety level
  • frequent inspections of workstations, machinery resources and vehicles used by employees
  • adherence to technical inspection schedules, approvals of machines and vehicles
  • continuous modernisation of machinery resources
  • identification and minimisation of potential risks
  • appropriate adaptation of workstations, listing potential hazards
  • creation of a pleasant and hygienic working environment

We periodically review the existing solutions and, when appropriate, make suitable adjustments to ensure that the work performed by our companies meets all applicable OHS standards.