About FOB-Decor

FOB-Decor, a company with a history of over 100 years, was acquired in 2009 by Tradepol and in the same year became part of the Group. Currently, the company employs 150 employees. It manufactures an extensive range of closures from steel and aluminium sheet. FOB-Decor specialises in the manufacture of the following closures: PILFER-PROOF, PILFER-PROOF PREMIUM, GPI, TWIST-OFF and DROP-STOP.

FOB-Decor, in addition to standard products, also offers the ability to introduce modifications in relation to the raw materials used, product designs and new functionalities of a particular type of closure. The company also provides varnishing services and aluminium and steel sheet printing as part of the production process of products such as: cans used by the food industry, cans used for aerosol sprays, grave light lids, batteries and many other. More information on our products can be found under “What we do” tab.


Scope of operations

Products manufactured by FOB-Decor are sold in Poland and in 40 countries around the world – its annual production output exceeds 860,000,000 closures of all types. Over the years, the company h...


Closure production process

Watch the video showing the production process in our facilities. Find out how the popular closures with decorative finished are manufactured.

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